“Good Things” (Joe Davidian/Joe Freel)

My album, titled All This Love, has a total of twelve songs and eleven of those are cover songs – classic pop and jazz standards written by some of America’s finest songwriters. But, my goal was to include one original song, if I could write or co-write it, and if it felt “good enough” to be included in the collection. I asked Joe Davidian if he had any instrumental tunes I could try writing a lyric for – he gave me the wonderful medium swing music for what became track #6 on the album and offered to let me attempt writing lyrics for it. The song has essentially 8 lyric phrases that took me 4 to 5 months to write. At first my lyric ideas were all over the place, then with Joe’s help, I tried writing just about one idea – the passage of time and being patient in life for good things to come your way.  It’s very difficult to write good lyrics! This lyric is inspired by real life – I am truly loved even though it seems like it took forever to happen!

I hope you like this tune and enjoy Joe Davidian on piano, Joshua Hunt on drums and Roger Spencer on bass for this recording! Here’s the lyric to “Good Things”:

Fine wine will take its time to ripen
As did my heart once I let your glowing light in
Into the darkest of my hours where I loosely clung
You shone brighter than the morning sun

Flowers will blossom when they’re ready
And so did I from the rays of hope you sent me
As sure as spring must follow winter, true love is never late
For good things will come to those who wait

© Joe Freel Music. All rights reserved.

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