“You Taught My Heart to Sing” (McCoy Tyner/Sammy Cahn)

The simple truth of the lyric of “You Taught My Heart to Sing” (McCoy Tyner/Sammy Cahn) really speaks to me. Some people come into your life for specific reasons, often so they can help you see yourself in a different light. They help you see “the bigger picture” about who you truly are AND who you could become.  I am lucky and blessed to have several of these types of people in my life. They are the reason I recorded this song for my All This Love album, available for download and streaming at iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify and other outlets.  My good friend Joe Davidian arranged and performs piano on this recording. I asked for an energetic arrangement of “You Taught My Heart to Sing” for this project, and Joe delivered!  He altered a few time signatures from the original, added some strategic measures, inserted some classic Joe Davidian piano voicings and wow, I so love what he created!  McCoy Tyner and Sammy Cahn are masterful composers/songwriters and I hope you enjoy this rendition of their beautiful song! Check out my version on iTunes.